How To Install

You only need to complete these 5 steps to enable the consent banner on your website:

Note: Before purchasing any package kindly ensure that you have terms and conditions page, privacy policy page and cookie policy page on your website to make it GDPR compliant using the API.

Step 1

Choose a subscription from our cost-effective plans.

Step 2

Fill up the Consent Banner Details on the checkout page as per the instructions are given below while purchasing a package of your choice.

Domain Name : Use your domain name for which you want to use the API. If your website’s URL is then your domain name will be

Link to Company Logo (optional) : Enter the link to your company logo which will be shown on the consent banner. The logo file must be on a cloud storage or on a server. The link should consist of the path to the logo file and the file name. Suppose your logo file is hosted on and the file name is logo.png then the link should be

Note: The accepted format of logo files are jpg, png, jpeg and gif.

Consent Banner Heading : Enter the heading you want to show as the API heading. “This site uses cookies” can be an example of this.

Consent Banner Content : Enter any message which you want your website’s visitors to see on the API notification. Like your website’s purpose of using cookies.

Privacy Policy Page URL : Enter your website’s Privacy Policy page’s URL. It has to be a proper full URL like or

Cookie Policy Page URL : Enter your website’s Cookie Policy page’s URL. It has to be a proper full URL like or

Terms & Conditions Page URL : Enter your website’s Terms & Condition page’s URL. It has to be a proper full URL like

Step 3

Copy the codes from below and paste it just before ending of the head tag of your website template(s):

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

See the image below:

Step 4

Next, initialize the API by putting the following code right after the API links as in step 3.



Step 5

Open your website and check.

If you are not sure of the installation process by yourself, you can subscribe to our tech support team while purchasing the API.